Exterior Cladding Projects

For almost 40 years, Benner & White has been a preferred contractor not only for our quality workmanship and dependability to finish a job on time; but also our ability to offer a broad scope of work that encompasses the total building construction.  We have expanded our scope over the last 20 years to include various forms of exterior cladding and rain screen systems in addition to walls and ceilings.  Looking back at our progression it is interesting to take a look at one of our first cladding jobs, and then nearly 20 years later to have the opportunity to work on a new project in the next lot, and to see the original building still looking as good as it did when we were first onsite.

As wall assemblies have evolved in aesthetics and complexity, the standards for protecting the building skin has evolved as well with high performance air barriers being the standard. However, critical details such as flashing and caulk can be lost between the different trades if there are multiple contractors working on the exterior of the building that come back as leaks. We prefer to package the entire wall assembly; studs, sheathing, waterproofing, insulation, and cladding; and create a one stop shop for all things carpentry to minimize finger pointing and control the construction process.

We have worked together with many of the area’s leading façade consultants, window, roofing and masonry contractors and are knowledgeable not only on our own details but those of the adjacent construction.

Benner & White is happy to quote your next façade project. Weather it is Aluminum Panels, Porcelain Rain Screen, Phenolic Panels, or something you have never heard before give us a call. Besides an accurate, competitive quote we provide engineered drawings, field verification, and properly fabricated and installed end product.