“Our Goal Is
Every Employee
Returns Home Safely”

The safety of our employees and our jobsites is a top priority and it is often a direct result of being awarded a project. We have collaboratively worked hard to make safety a cornerstone of our company throughout the years. Our current EMR of .769 which is well below the industry standard, exemplifies our commitment to safety. We are committed to making our construction job sites a safe work environment for everyone. Benner & White is a proud partner of OSHA since 2013, and we work closely with them to ensure safe work practices and learn the latest in safety technology.

Our safety department provides critical safety support throughout the entire company. This support includes: new employee orientations, weekly on-site safety inspections, monthly safety committee meetings, weekly Tool Box Talks, weekly email safety reminders, accident investigations, regular contact with an OSHA representative and constant networking with like-minded companies. Management closely monitors safety in our company to ensure that employees are up-to-date on ever changing industry conditions, practices and regulations.

If you have questions about safety at Benner & White, contact Daryn White: 215-397-6948

Current EMR = 0.769